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During the Revolution, some Liberal thinkers were chased by revolutionary people who were loyal to the Conservatives. Back in 1905, Arturo Guajardo García (1883-1929), had graduated as a Lawyer from the School of Jurisprudence in the University of the State of Chihuahua. One summer midnight in 1914, he said goodbye to his family and ran away by horse from Cocorit, Sonora, heading to Calexico, California, after learning that revolutionary troops were on their way to arrest him. A few months later, the family reunited, and he began his practice in the legal profession.

The first step and cornerstone for the organization of this firm on its current shape, was founded by Mr. Arturo Guajardo.


The original clients from the Firm founded in 1914 were some of the pioneer companies who contributed to the development of the Mexicali Valley. Some of these companies were the Colorado River Land Co., who had 80,000 hectares dedicated to cotton crops and in those years was the biggest company in the world located in the North of Baja California; The Globe Cotton Oil Mill, The Mercantile Banking Co., the First National Bank, Compañía Comercial de la Baja California, S.A., and the cotton ginning operating on that time, Compañía Algodonera of Baja California, Mexican-Chinese Ginning Co., Lower Colorado River Ginning Co., as well as The Baja California Compress and Storage Co.

Arturo Guajardo García dies in a flight accident in 1929, and the Firm continues managed by the Lawyers who were partners.

In 1943, Ignacio Arturo Guajardo (1914-2000), son of Arturo Guajardo García, graduates as Lawyer from the Escuela Libre de Derecho of Mexico City, and had previously studied in Leland Stanford Jr. University, Law School, in San Jose, California, and begins legal practice under his own sponsorship in 1943, in Mexicali, Baja California, under the name of Bufete Ignacio Arturo Guajardo. The Firm still runs under the same name.

In 1976 Arturo Guajardo Araiza joined in as a partner; as well as Juan Ignacio Guajardo Araiza in 1979 and in 2009, Alonso Vega Rosas. All of them graduated from the Escuela Libre de Derecho of Mexico City.

The initial step and foundation stone for the organization of this Firm as it presently stands must be credited to Mr. Arturo Guajardo.

Bufete Ignacio Arturo Guajardo has offices in Mexicali and Tijuana, Baja California, thus covering services all along Baja California, and other places in the country, with the considerable support of respected Law Firms in the Capitals of the States of the country and Mexico City.

We’ve been honored by our clients’ trust for consulting and representation in Court. The acceptance of trust by our clients, implies the formal commitment regarding the interest of the client as a priority. The main goal is the protection or achievement of the interest of the client. This is the only valid consideration the Lawyers of this Firm can make and share.

Bufete Ignacio Arturo Guajardo, along with other Firms, was a pioneer in the introduction, establishment and implementation of the Industrialization Program of the Northern Border of Mexico, which became the generator of the industry of greatest growth in Mexico, the Maquila Industry for exportation.

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The initial step and foundation stone for the organization of this Firm as it presently stands must be credited to Mr. Arturo Guajardo.